Carroll hears voices.

No... not of little men from outer space, but voices of radio, television, film and animation.  They're the same voices we all hear, she just hears them differently.  She hears the complexities and nuances that make them unique, the texture, tone and character that professional voiceover actors possess.  Not only does she know a great voice when she hears one, but she can give them the direction they need to fit any project.  Whether it's selling beer or luxury cars, from industrial narration to cartoon characters, she makes them all special.

So the next time you need voiceover talent for a project, remember Carroll hears voices.  Let her hear the right one for you.

Alfa Romeo


Columbus Craft Meats


Charles Schwab



Draft King

Clash Royale

Halo Oranges


California Lottery

Nature Made

el pollo loco

Grandma's Cats Are Trying To Kill Her

Fat Tire

Clash of the Clans


Wells Fargo



Boom Beach